What Would Happen To Your Business If Disaster Struck Today? “If all my business data backup files were destroyed, could I get back on my feet?” Do questions like these consume your thoughts?

Datacom provides reliable Computer Hard Drive Backup and Disaster Recovery to businesses that want to secure themselves from the unforeseeable in GTA and throughout southern Ontario.

With Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery solutions from Datacom, we’ll help you to:

  • Get back to business as usual in a jiffy, with advanced solutions for Data Security that will protect you from a disaster occur.
  • Protect more than just your data – we safeguard your entire system by providing Back Up and Recovery that covers all your bases.
  • End your anxiety about the unforeseeable future, with a strong partnership for Business Continuity.

Another major concern today is Ransomware. Ransomware if you are not familiar is an attack that encrypts the data on your PC's and you will not be able to access any of the data until you pay a ran$om. If you would like to learn more click here to download The Business Guide to Ransomware

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Datacom provides the creative backup and recovery solutions you need to make sure your business is secure and the expert support to back them up. Serving GTA and throughout Southern Ontario, our data backup and computer hard drive backup solutions give you the power to achieve your goals, no matter what comes your way.

No matter if your company needs Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan, Online Backup, Hard Drive and Data Backup, Offsite Data Backup & Recovery Services, Computer Backup, Virtual Data Recovery, Hard Drive and File Data Recovery, Computer Recovery, or Remote Data Backup, we can handle it all.

Don’t let one accident derail your entire business and plans for the future. Get a Disaster Recovery and Data Backup solution that will allow you to stay on track, no matter what comes your way.